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When we plan your event, we are by your side the entire time, from start to finish. You’ll have peace of mind. You won’t get behind and you’ll stay on budget. Can't wait to plan your wedding.
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Design Work

We love helping brides figure out their true wedding vision. We will help you bring all of your awesome ideas and inspirations and come up with a cohesive design concept.
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To Have & To Hold Box

A wedding planning subscription service. In your first box you receive a custom planner according to your wedding date timeline, & a couple gifts. Learn more about this awesome service.
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Rose & Calla

We have been in business since 2006. We plan, design and coordinate weddings and life events. Our award-winning services range from Full Service planning to hourly consultations. We love our couples and clients.
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Rose & Calla Events

We are TEAM YOU!

Our whole job is to help YOU plan the most important day of YOUR life.

On YOUR wedding day you will enjoy your experience, because we will take care of everything. We handle the “Not so fun stuff” while you get to be part of the “fun stuff”. You will have peace of mind, because we keep things going along and run smoothly. WE take care of YOU. You will be a guest at your wedding, and YOU’ll be making memories while we take care of business.

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“ I am so glad to have been a small part of your unique wedding ”

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After Engagement, what’s the next step?

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Wedding Coordinator vs. Banquet Coordinator

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Good bye 2016, hello 2017!!

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Happy Friday!! Another Wedding Fact:

In numerous cultures, it was common for the groom to traditionally "abduct" the bride with the assistance of his friends, giving rise to the role of modern groomsmen. During the ceremony, the groom traditionally positioned himself to the right of the bride, ensuring that his dominant hand, often associated with wielding a sword, remained free to defend against potential rivals or threats. #FactFriday #FactsonFriday #FridayFacts #Factoftheday #WeddingFact #WeddingTraditions #Groomsmen #FunFacts #RoseandCallaEvents #Christianweddingplanner #weddingplanner #weddingplanning #letsgetplanning #wedding #Friday #LoveLoudounweddings #ShenandoahWeddingProfessionals

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🌟✨ Celebrating National Sibling`s Day! 💖👫

Today, we celebrate the bond between siblings! 💕🌼 From childhood memories to lifelong support, having siblings by our side on your wedding day has a special place. As you say "I do," honor the special connection you share with your beloved brothers and sisters. Cheers to family love and cherished moments on your joyous occasion!

Here is a pic of my sister and brother with me on my wedding day.🥂💍 #NationalSiblingsDay #FamilyLove #WeddingCelebration #siblings #siblinglove #RoseandCallaEvents #weddingplanning #Christianweddingplanner #weddingplanner #letsgetplanning #weddingday #wedding #LoveLoudounweddings #ShenandoahWeddingProfessionals

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Happy Tuesday!! Wedding Tradition: The Bridal Party💖✨

In modern times, couples have the freedom to select their wedding party members, whether they prefer close family members like first cousins or lifelong friends. However, this wasn`t always the case. The tradition of bridesmaids dates back to Ancient Rome when ten witnesses were legally required. These witnesses weren`t necessarily related to the bride but were strategically dressed similarly to ward off evil spirits and protect the couple. 💑✨ #WeddingTraditions #AncientOrigins #WeddingParties #ModernTraditions #Tuesday #TuesdayTraditions #RoseandCallaEvents #TraditionalTuesday #Christianweddingplanner #weddingplanner #letsgetplanning #loveloudounweddings #ShenandoahWeddingProfessionals #wedding

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👰💐 Is it obligatory to invite your future sister-in-law to serve as a bridesmaid in your wedding party? 💬✨

There isn`t a definite answer here.

Etiquette dictates that it is NOT MANDATORY/REQUIRED to ask your future sister-in-law to be a bridesmaid. Of course though, it is a nice gesture.

Some questions to ask yourself in making this decision.
1. Do you get along with her?
2. Do you feel a good connection with her?
3. Will having her as a bridesmaid take away an opportunity for another choice?
4. Are you only thinking about asking her because you feel you have to?
5. Will asking her help your relationship be closer and bond more?
6. Will not asking her affect your future relationship in a negative way?
7. Will not asking her affect your husband`s relationship with her?

In my own wedding, my husband`s sister was significantly older than me, so instead of asking her to be a bridesmaid I asked her to do a reading for the ceremony. She was then still included in the wedding, but not as a bridesmaid. My husband and I also asked our little nephew to be in it.

I did get along with my future sister in law, and definitely wanted to include her in our wedding in some way.

Share your thoughts! Is it necessary to include your future sister-in-law in your bridal party lineup? Let`s hear your perspective in the comments below! 💍💕 #BridalPartyEtiquette #SisterInLawDilemma #WeddingQuestions #WeddingWednesday #Wednesday #Wedding #RoseandCallaEvents #weddingplanning #Christianweddingplanner #weddingplanner #letsgetplanning #bridesmaids #weddingetiquette #loveloudounweddings #ShenandoahWeddingProfessionals

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